February 26, 2009

NEW: 80%20 Spring Shoes for Women

"After years at Calvin Klein and Michael Kors, designer Ce Ce Chin decided to create a comfortable yet fashionable shoe line... et voila, 80%20 was born.
In the boys club of mammoth footwear brands, Ce Ce Chin's story reads like David vs. Goliath. Of course you can't go wrong with a great idea; the concept behind 80%20 came from her observation that we tend to wear the favorite 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time- and these shoes are definitely part of the 20% you can't live without." from the 80%20nyc.com

80 % 20 Melody Bootie in Navy $162.00
The Melody bootie is a fun hybrid of a classic western boot detail.
A great design that you will see through out CeCe's work is the hidden wedge heel.
The upper is made of mostly leather with denim inserts

Top view

80 % 20 Molly cutout shoe with ankle straps. $130.00
What an amazing shoe! That is probably the reaction you will receive by everyone on the street who sees you strutting around in this gem. A canvas and leather combo with a cutout front and a cross strap in leather. This shoe also has the genius wedge design.

Top view

back view

80 % 20 Georgie shoe in black leather $185.00
This cute little bootie is made from very supple leather and has a sexy little peep toe to boot.
There is also a little tie action in the back to make the upper part even more scrunchy around your ankle. This boot also has the hidden wedge design.

bottom view


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