June 13, 2008

New: Hoki Sandals

Hoki plastic sandals, which you may recognize as those worn by grandpas (with socks) have been resurrected by a Tel Aviv company who bought the 50 year-old molds to save these slippers from extinction. The new modern version is created with recycled plastic and comes in a variety of fun colors.

Dror Sandal- shown in Metallic Purple- ($45)**SOLD OUT**

Also available in Green, Metallic Black and Metallic Blue**SOLD OUT**

Silver, Metallic Purple and Metallic White**SOLD OUT**

For the ladies we have:

Gila Sandal- shown in Turquoise- ($45)**SOLD OUT**

Gila Sandal- shown in Metallic Blue- ($45)**SOLD OUT**

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COFFEE.N.TELEVISI├śN shop said...

Hi alter, i'm Alberto from COFFEE.N.TV shop Italy-

do u have homepage or contact to HOKI SANDAL???