December 5, 2007

The Look pt. 4

Double Knit Beanie- Blk $28
Kanvas-Basket Weave Shift Dress- Blk/grey ($115)
Reversible Belt- Leopard Print/Black ($28)
Cotton Knit Tights-Blk ($28)
Vintage Cappagallo Mary Jane Pumps- Blk ($50)
City Tote Bag- Blk ($68)

C.Luce Sweater/Turtleneck Combo Tunic-Mauve ($62) Sale
Y. Couture Long Zip up Tailored Sweatshirt- Grey ($90)
Slouchy Doctor Bag- Rust ($48)
Cable Knit Gloves- Blk ($22)
Dumas Patent Pumps-Tan ($45)

Knit Beanie with jewel button- White ($36)
M.Me Basket Weave Jacket w/ removable hood- Off White ($135)
Cheap Monday- Tight Fit-Very One Stretch-Indigo ($65)
Vintage Brown Boots w/ basket weave detail- Brown ($95)
Slouchy Doctor Bag- Chalk ($48)

Pre-Loved Rex Rex Hoddie (one-of-a-kind) ($180)
Takel lansing Stripe Button down ($75)
Vintage 80's Skinny Tie-Blk/Silver/Red ($38)
Fur Trapper Hat-Olive ($36)
Cheap Monday Tight Fit Black Cords ($65)
Vintage Ponderosa Zip Boots- Burgundy/Blk ($110)

Vintage 1978 Canadian Military Jacket w/ Lining (Mint Condition) ($95)
Propethik Green-Spun Hoodie- Brown ($115)
Cheap Monday Tight Fit O.D. Blk Jeans ($65)
Peter Grimm Coatails Fedora- Grey ($38)
Military Fingerless Gloves-Blk ($12)

Vintage 1970's Leather jacket-Blk ($75)
DeNada Rabbit Fur Scarf-Olive ($75)
Cheap Monday Regular Fit Alive & Dry Jeans ($65)
Schmoove Shoes Mid Cup- Blk ($155)
Military Helmet Bag- Olive ($45)

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Anonymous said...

You lay out a good outfit. I like the way the clothes look, and the jaunty angles on the shoes and bags. Looks really nice!