September 23, 2010

New Fall Arrival: Cheap Monday for Ladies

Cheap Monday created a really great Fall collection this season. It is all about the color grey and mixing of different textures.

Cheap Monday Lindsay Coat in grey/blk $155.00 On Sale $119.00
A great 80's inspired double breasted coat. This coat is designed to be over sized and to appear that you are wearing your man's jacket. Size up if you want to layer underneath it.
Available in sizes XS and S only. ** NOW AVAILABLE IN BLACK!! as of 9/28/10**

Pocket detail
Cheap Monday ingenuity here, two pockets one classic and one with a zipper closure.

Back view

Cheap Monday Blair Sweater in blk/ grey $80.00 SOLD OUT
A multi fabric knitted sweater blending mohair-like, marled and solid colors of grey and black.
This is a major staple in the CM fall collection. Can be worn as a tunic or on its own as a sweater dress.
Available in sizes XS-M

fabric detail

Cheap Monday Slash mini Skirt in grey $45.00 SOLD OUT
A stretchy mini skirt with a slashed motif along the front of the skirt.
Available in sizes XS-L

Back view


Kelkev said...

I am so upset that that coat only comes in a XS-S. who is that small anyway? Sad face.

Alter said...

Hey kelkev,

This jacket is designed to be oversized so an XS and Small are actually exaggerated and not truly what one would think those sizes to be.
We only received the XS and S because that is all one needs to make this jacket look how the designers intended. Come in and try one on, its cute.