August 4, 2010

Top Secret Plastic

Matt & Nat are a company out of Montreal whose cause is twofold: create functional, aesthetically pleasing bags while finding a way to use scrap plastic. All of their products are made completely out of recycled plastic, yet look, feel and age like leather. Too good to be true? To skeptics of faux leather products, look no further than the Moller weekend bag from Matt & Nat's new more affordable line Matt by Matt & Nat.

A weekend away with this guy might just convert you to plastic for life. I'm just waiting for Matt & Nat to come out with a line of faux leather jackets so I can make the full transition. Luckily for me, Melissa shoes have already taken care of the feet.

Melissa shoes have just debuted their first men's line ever called M:Zero. These all-plastic shoes aren't your father's croc either. Hailing from Brazil, Melissa have been dedicated to creating both fashionable and environmentally conscious footwear for women for quite some time now, with recent collections seeing a collaboration with fashion royalty John-Paul Gaultier and Vivienne Westwood. Now they're tackling men's footwear, paying the same attention to detail down to the subtlest of wingtips.

Speaking of Plastics, who let these guys fade into pop culture obscurity for so long? Unfortunately, despite their massive influence on Japanese pop music, as well as a world tour with Talking Heads and the B52s, The Plastics disbanded sometime in the early 80s. However, with one look at their performance of Top Secret Man, it's quite apparent that their influence can still be felt in pop music today. With just one listen I can hear Blank Dogs, Devo and the Raveonettes. That's pretty impressive.

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