August 4, 2010


Footwear can be a bit tricky in the summertime. Not only do you want something light and comfortable on those hot July and August days, but the warm weather also permits a sense of spontaneity. You need to be prepared for anything whether it's a rooftop barbeque with friends, relaxing in McCarren Park with a frozen margarita from Turkey's Nest, a day trip to the beach, or a night on the town. But just because you need something comfortable and versatile, doesn't mean you have to throw fashion out the window. Looking good isn't always comfortable, but when I'm dressing for comfort I still like to look good.

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That's where the Huarache Shoe by Jeffrey Campbell comes in. Fashioned after the traditional Mexican footwear of the same name, the huarache has a long-standing history in comfort and sustainability. What started out as a hand-woven peasant shoe as an inexpensive and long-wearing alternative to other available footwear, eventually evolved into must-have for the rest of the world in the 1950s. Today, huaraches are the perfect versatile summer shoe. They can be thrown on with a pair of shorts and a t-shirt when running errands during the day, and paired with dark denim or cuffed chinos and a button down to create a casual evening look for nights out in the city. Top off the look with a lightweight leather bomber or denim jacket to carry these bad boys into fall.

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