May 6, 2010

Re-Stock: Maxx & Unicorn Wallets

These gorgeous bi-fold leather wallets from Brooklyn based label Maxx & Unicorn are back in stock at the men's store. Simple, functional and extremely durable- this wallet just gets better with age!


Available in Brown or Black Leather, $88.00 each.
Wallet fits US dollars and Euros.


Andy said...

I figure Maxx & Unicorn were the first with this, but Woolrich has a wallet that looks identical:

If it is Woolrich that has knocked them off, it's a pretty blatant steal on such an awesome & distinctive wallet.

Alter said...

Yes Andy!

It is true. Woolrich has indeed knocked off The
Maxx & Unicorn wallet.

Maxx & Unicorn is a Brooklyn made product and everyone should support young designers. ALTER has been stocking M & U's work for almost 3 years now and are huge fans of his craft and attention to detail. All our customers who have purchased one of these great wallets cherish its originality and high quality. It may just be the perfect wallet.