April 14, 2009

New: Alex & Chloe Unisex Jewelry

At Alter we like to think that all jewelry should be conversation pieces. You can always trust designers Alex & Chloe will deliver creative and interesting pieces that will garner many compliments and reactions.

*Most of these necklace's come on adjustable chains so you can change the length from 30" to 34"

The Tar Collection

Rabbit Foot in black rubber $65.00
The "Tar Collection" consists of objects that have been dipped in black rubber creating a very cool texture.

Black Shell $65.00
This large cross-section of a Shell is definitely a conversation piece.

Tribal Cross in black rubber $65.00
A little Tikki God cross charm on an antique brass chain

Tribal Ring necklace $65.00
An antique brass ring and chain combo.

Spike necklace, oxidized sterling silver $120.00
A minimal but sleek charm made from oxidized silver.

Can Tab necklace in oxidized sterling silver $105.00
You remember putting can tabs on a chain when you were younger. Now you can have a sterling silver one.

Mini Cross necklace in oxidized sterling silver $88.00
A super tiny and cute cross charm.

Clothespin Necklace in oxidized sterling silver $130.00
This charm is made with great detail.

Diamond pendent necklace in oxidized silver $110.00

Brindle Twig necklace in oxidized sterling silver $110.00

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Rachel said...

Sick! I want that rabbit foot...