March 18, 2009

New: Kostym by Cheap Monday suits for Men

These amazing suits from Kostym by Cheap Monday have been selling fast already. If you're interested we suggest you call us immediately to get one for yourself!

Jazz Jacket and Mod Pant in Strong Blue: $264.00 for the suit.

Jazz Jacket in Strong Blue $155.00
**Now available in Black***
This two button jacket has a straight shape to it. It's made of a cotton material, very reminiscent of a light weight denim. Its the perfect option for spring days or nights.

Interior breast pocket detail.

A hidden side pocket in the hem of the jacket, nice detail.

Mod Pant in Strong Blue $109.00
The perfect clean front pant.

Pair it up with the basic shirts in black or white for a more finished look.

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Anonymous said...

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