March 19, 2009

Mixte Magazine March 2009

French publication MIXTE magazine just did a story on Brooklyn in their March issue. It was in French... but this is roughly what it translates to:

Brooklyn, New York Dreaming
by Rachele Bevilacqua

"North of Williamsburg, they find Greenpoint with the pretty brownstones, three-storied houses in red brick. Rents are less well brought up then that in
Williamsburg, and the young persons orbit there. Matthew Barney has for a long time lived here, and it is in Greenpoint that Heath Ledger lived before becoming established in Manhattan. It was then that he had the idea of opening a coffee shop, a project now made concrete by his father after Heath's passing. Five Leaves came into the world according to the plans of the actor, and it is in a marine decor that they become established as an eatery. Nicole Brydson adds that, until 2004, Greenpoint was a ghost town.
Since then, small boutiques and restaurants have been flourishing, notably on Franklin Street.
One thinks of Alter, two boutiques, one for the man, other one for the woman, founded by the fashion designers of Roy Caires and Tommy Cole, who are very much a part of their environment; or at Word, an adorable bookshop. Finally, they do not resist to the doughnuts of Peter Pan Bakery, the best of NYC, according to Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand who stops by when he comes to his fiancee's place."


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