May 24, 2011

Press: reviews Alter online store!

Thanks to for the great write up on our online store, here's what they had to say:

Brooklyn has borne many things that've gone on to national prominence, though given its denizens' proclivities for tight pants and bike riding, those "things" may soon not include actual people. Siring at least one more nation-worthy child, Alter, and its brand-new e-shop.

A lauded BK boutique stocking threads worthy of a pilgrimage from any borough, Alter’s expertly curated selection of trendy-but-not-too-trendy dud-age is finally available online, meaning those not in the 212 can still peruse its collection of gear that's "funky yet wearable, and most importantly affordable" (ramen belts are soooo in these days). Standout summer steez starts with short-sleeve b-downs from Comune, kaleidoscopic graphic tanks and tees from Uzi, nautically striped crewnecks from Shades of Grey, and lightweight two-button blazers including Life After Denim crinkled khaki "Irony" -- hilarious wordplay, though what's really ironic is that they apparently don't understand wordplay isn't. Comune also gets into the not-quite-pants game with five-pocketed, stretch twill, "raw-hemmed" shorts, while J.A.C.H.S. does the same with a set of Bermudas in either solid blue or vertical train conductor stripes, dangerously opening you up to a world of caboose jokes.

Rounding out the current stock're a handful of kicks including slip-on sneaks from Zurich, plus leather goods (from belts to wallets) from brands like Will Leather and Maxx & Unicorn, which may soon be joined in the ranks of mythical beasts by "People Born In Brooklyn".

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