March 3, 2011

ALTER: TOP TEN FOR MEN features Alter on the Best of NYC Men's Stores shopping guide!

10 Of NYC's Coolest Menswear Stores
By Gina MarinelliKristian Laliberte
When it comes to shopping, guys usually get the short end of the stick. Hello, who couldn't use a Forever 21 just for men, some masculine merch in the Soho Barneys, or the male version of Agent Provocateur (well, maybe not the last one)? Luckily, NYC isn't exactly lacking on the boy-themed brick-and-mortars for every type of style. Whether you know foreign designers by name, appreciate custom tailoring, or don't really care but just want to look dope, we have navigated and listed the coolest men's shops that this city has to offer. Ladies take a break, this guide is just for the boys. 

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