May 26, 2010

NEW: ZURIICK Canvas Shoes

The Summer series of canvas slip-ons by Zuriick have arrived.

Zuriick Ake shoe in Blanc $55.00
Available in sizes 9 - 12

White canvas upper with rubber trim edge lined in a green.

Detail shot

Zuriick Ake, Carbon $55.00
Available in sizes 9 - 11

Detail shot
Grey canvas upper with black rubbered edge and fine white line.

Zuriick Ake, "Bloodline" Black $55.00
Available in sizes 8 - 13
A Black canvas upper with a fine red line through the edge.

Zuriick Beata shoe in Midnight $65.00

An ankle high top version with a canvas upper and 3 hole eyelet.

1 comment:

Farah said...

Did they discontinue the Simone style?

I wanted those in gray so badly but could never find them in my size. could you tell whoever you buy from at the company that this cut is so much more flattering for women than the unisex styles and they should keep making them? only the hot pink is available in my size on the sale section of the zuriick site, but that color keeps it from being an "everyday" shoe for me.