February 3, 2010


All new jewelry available at the Women's store, just in time for Valentines. We have a great mix of spiked and studded rings, mixed chain necklaces and conversation-piece bracelets.

If you're thinking about picking up any of these as gifts for Valentines day, don't hesitate! These new pieces are already flying out the door. Give us a call at 718-349-0203 to order and we will ship via UPS.

Spike Rings one size fits all $24.00 *Sold Out*

Molded Rings $24.00 *Sold Out*

Jersey Chain Necklace $48.00 *Sold Out*

Mixed Metal Chains Necklace $35.00 *Sold Out*

Pin Bracelet $28.00 *Sold Out*

Double Wrap Leather Cuff $40.00

Pop Rocks Necklace $45.00 *Sold Out*

Leather & Gold Chain Necklace $55.00

Chain Link Necklace $45.00

Beaded Chest Plate Necklace $45.00 *Sold Out*

Rope & Chain Necklace $45.00

Wing Ring one size fits all $24.00 *Sold Out*

Chain Mix Bracelet $28.00

Large Bead Bracelet $28.00 *Sold Out*

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