February 23, 2010

New: Jeffrey Campbell Womens Shoes

The first two styles from Jeffrey Campbell Spring/Summer collection have arrived! Ladies, we give you: The Switchblade and The Korova Boot. I hope you're sitting down for this...

Jeffrey Campbell Switchblade, Black $135.00
Stunning! Sharp angled-toe, graphic slanted heel-ankle boot with side zip.
Available in all sizes 6-10.

Jeffrey Campbell Korova Boot, Off-White $175.00
High heel, eleven eyelet lace-up boot in chalky white leather.
Available in whole sizes 6-10


Line&Trine said...

VERY cool! nice blog :)
do now follow you! have a look at our blog, if you like..

dirtyflaws said...

i was sitting down and i still had a massive heartattack over that first boot xx sold