February 7, 2010

New: Cheap Monday Shirts

These two great shirts are kicking off the S/S 2010 Cheap Monday Men's collection in style.

Cheap Monday Loose Shirt in Blue/ White Check $65.00
Available in sizes XS - XL
Fits true to size
This double faced cotton shirt is made up of 100% cotton fabric.

Fabric/ collar detail

The double face design creates a nice contrast when the sleeves are rolled up.

Cheap Monday Loose Shirt in Green/ Navy $65.00 *Sold Out*
Available in sizes XS - XL

Fabric Detail

Contrasting fabric detail. The navy color interior is that of a very dark navy.

1 comment:

Eric said...

These shirts look like they are very well made. I must say though, I really prefer the blue and white to the turquoise and black.