March 2, 2009

New: Zuriick shoes for Ladies and Gents.

We have just received new styles by the shoemakers, Zuriick.
We have been stocking this line of shoes for guys for a few seasons now and this Spring they have introduced a women's series.

Zuriick Simone Slip on in ruby $59.00
You asked for it and Zuriick listened. This is the the first ladies shoe that Zuriick is introducing with a larger range coming in next season.

Top view

Zuriick Simone Slip on in Lavander $59.00

Top view

We also have new amazing colors and styles for men too.

Zuriick AKE in Olive Green $65.00
The classic Ake style has been their most popular style. In this new color its going to be your favorite shoe this Spring.

Top view

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