March 8, 2009

New: Satomi jewelry

We are very excited to introduce the work of Brooklyn based designer, Satomi to our shop.
Her craftsmanship, attention to detail and unique approach to jewelry is fresh and invigorating.
Satomi mixes metals and textures with a great eye for asymmetry.

Satomi, Mix chain choker w/ heart $132.00 **SOLD OUT**
This choker fits beautifully around the neck and the heart sits off to one side.

Satomi, LUV addict multi strand necklace $98.00 **SOLD OUT**
This is a great asymmetrical piece by Satomi. The thin chains on the right hang long while the buckle like charm is actually in fact a charm and not the closure. You can adjust the length and positioning of this piece to suit your style needs.

Satomi, LUV multi chain w/ shell charms $98.00**SOLD OUT**
A gorgeous mix of metals and charms make up this beautiful piece.

Satomi, Carla Earring with amethyst stone $82.00 **SOLD OUT**
Semi circle tubing and chain's mixed with an amethyst stone.

Satomi, Feather Bracelet $98.00 **SOLD OUT**
Created from real feathers casted in bronze. The feather fits nicely along the wrist.

Satomi, Feather earrings $132.00 **SOLD OUT**
Here the feather is bent in a circular form to create a very unique earring set.

Satomi, Feather necklace $105.00 **SOLD OUT**

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