February 21, 2009

ALTER: Press from the Past

Although we did not make a big fuss about it, February 2nd 2009 was the TWO YEAR anniversary of Alter. We opened our first store at 109 Franklin Street with a handful of garments on the racks, and our fingers crossed that people would actually buy them.

An article from Refinery29.com from March 7th, 2007 predicts what is to come of us! Take another look at the story HERE.
"Could a shopping outcropping be taking place on Greenpoint's Franklin [Street]? Joining the ranks of its neighboring Brooklyn hoods, Greenpoint, too, seems to be under the spell of urban changeover. And the newly opened shop Alter is likely just the beginning of more fashion-friendly additions to come. Owners Tommy Cole and Roy Caires, friends from fashion school in Boston, share an obsession with taking what's old and making it new, but wait…it's not as typical as you think..."
-Refinery29.com 3/7/07
They also ran a fantastic bit when the Women's store opened in August 2008, which you can see HERE.
"To our distinct pleasure (and that of shoppers near and far), Greenpoint's style quotient is soon to double as beloved boutique Alter expands into a second location..."
While You're at it, take a look at our very first mention on Refinery29, for our (hibernating) reconstructed clothing line This Old Thing? back in April 2006.

Thanks for the YEARS of support Refinery29.com!

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