July 25, 2008

New: Stiska

Another bold statement by the guys at Stiska...
We shot these images with a back light to really show off the ingenuity of its seam work and details. The fabric is a white stripe cotton for the main body and it is mixed with another stripe that has white, a faint lilac and a lurex stripe.

Stiska: Dream Shirt in Helio $89.00**SOLD OUT**
This shirt is a mix of classic western inspiration with an architectural twist.

Stiska: Dream (front yoke detail)**SOLD OUT**
The pieces above the top breast pockets act as pocket flaps.

Stiska: Dream (back yoke detail)

New: Stiska

We are excited to be stocking a new label out of Los Angeles called Stiska.
Stiska is the brain child of two guys who are really creating a new vision for the men's button down shirt. The modern details are exquisite and strong but done in a beautiful subtle way. Get ready to fall in love with Stiska.

Stiska: Brigadier Shirt in white with black pinstripe and navy cuffs $89.00**SOLD OUT**

Stiska: Brigadier Shirt**SOLD OUT**
A mix of different color buttons on the bottom placket and cuff add
a great splash to this not so typical shirt. The cuff is done in a navy cotton for
a graphic impact.

Stiska: Brigadier Shirt
The front yoke has the stripes running on the bias while the pocket fabric runs
in the opposite direction. The upper portion of the placket is hidden with buttons underneath while the rest of the placket is more traditional.

Stiska: Brigadier Shirt

July 24, 2008

New: Matt & Nat bags

This women's bag by Matt & Nat is great for running around the city on a daily basis.

Matt & Nat: Zebrano Satchel in grey $205.00**SOLD OUT**
This bag has two diagonal zippered pockets on the front of the bag.
The Zebrano also comes with two different length/ adjustable straps. One for a short shoulder bag look and the other for over your head, messanger style.

Matt & Nat: Zebrano Satchel (back view)**SOLD OUT**

Matt & Nat: Zebrano Satchel (detail view)**SOLD OUT**

New: Matt & Nat

Matt & Nat not only make great looking bags but they also make wallets.

Matt & Nat: Bueller Wallet in Grey $68.00**SOLD OUT**

Matt & Nat: Bueller Wallet in Grey (interior shot)**SOLD OUT**
Just like their bags there is a good amount of pockets or in this case card slots for all your plastic.

New: Matt & Nat bags

Matt & Nat's "Sade" Clutch in black is perfect for day or night
This bag is made from their Japanese Paper series and has a great soft touch but yet its quite durable.

Matt & Nat: Sade Clutch (front view) $135.00**SOLD OUT**
The flap over closure and industrial sized zipper will keep you things secure inside this compact sized clutch.

Matt & Nat: Sade Clutch (opened view)**SOLD OUT**

Matt & Nat: Sade Clutch (back view)**SOLD OUT**
The back side of the clutch has a very convenient zippered pocket for quick access to your ringing phone.

New: Matt & Nat bags

The perfect bag for your next power meeting with the exec's.

Matt & Nat: Jobs Briefcase (front view) $258.00**SOLD OUT**
two front zipper pockets

Matt & Nat: Jobs Briefcase (back view) **SOLD OUT**
Two more pockets on the back

Matt & Nat: Jobs Briefcase**SOLD OUT**
- The icing on the cake is the Laptop vest that comes with this beautiful bag.

New: Matt & Nat bags

We were very excited to receive our first shipment of Matt & Nat bags today.
These bags (for men and women) are brilliantly designed and feel perfectly luxurious inside and out. Did we mention that Matt & Nat bags are 100% Vegan? This innovative company uses synthetic materials like PVC , Japanese Paper and even cardboard to make their bags, while maintaining a fashion forward look and high durability.

Matt & Nat: Khan Bag in Grey (front view) $258.00**SOLD OUT**

Matt & Nat: Khan bag (inside view).
There are many useful pockets, pouches and key rings in each and every bag.

July 22, 2008

YMYL Holsters- back in stock

We have just re-stocked the YMYL Holsters. These amazing and unisex holsters sold out in a matter of days the first time around so you shouldn't wait to long to get one for yourself.

YMYL Holster, Black with black stitching $115.00

YMYL Holster, Brown Italian Leather with contrast stitching, $115.00

July 18, 2008

New: Cheap Monday

Our first womens FALL 2008 shipment has arrived from Cheap Monday. I know, it's hard to think about Fall clothing when it is 95 degrees outside, but these pieces actually work perfectly for right now. The Sporty Blouse and the Passpoal wrap dress are chic, airy and lightweight.

Cheap Monday: Sporty Blouse in White. $50.00**SOLD OUT**

Sporty Blouse shown with cinched neck.**SOLD OUT**

Cheap Monday: Sporty Blouse in Black. $50.00**SOLD OUT**

Cheap Monday: Passpoal wrap dress in Black & White gingham $56.00 **SOLD OUT**

Cheap Monday: Passpoal wrap dress in Black. $56.00**SOLD OUT**

July 15, 2008

New: Kill City for the ladies...

Kill City's new summer tops are perfect for looking cool and sexy.

Kill City-Burn out Racerback Tank- Blk/ White ($55)**SOLD OUT**

Kill City- Tie-Dye Tee - Black/White ($55)**SOLD OUT**

Kill City- Snake Print Tank - Purple/White ($55)**SOLD OUT**

July 11, 2008

New: Hoki Gladiator Sandal

The Hoki Gladiator sandal has arrived just in time for your summer getaway.

Hoki Gladiator's come in three different colors and sizes 36-40**SOLD OUT**

Metallic Brown- $55.00**SOLD OUT**

Metal Black- $55.00**SOLD OUT**

Optic White- $55.00**SOLD OUT**

July 9, 2008

New: Rings from Anne Arden McDonald

NEW: Bone Rings and Twig Rings by Anne Arden McDonald. **SOLD OUT**

Anne is a brilliant artist, photographer AND jewelry designer. You can lean all about her work on her web site. Below are two images from her book of self-portraits. They're absolutely gorgeous.

New: Zuriick AKE in Yellow

We are now offering the AKE slip-on from Zuriick in Yellow. $65.00**SOLD OUT**

The Zuriik collection currently available at Alter. Top row: The BEATA Sneaker $69.00. Bottom row: The AKE slip-on $65.00. **SOLD OUT**

July 8, 2008


We are pleased to announce that a second Alter location will be opening this summer (early August). Where will it be, you ask!? Williamsburg? SoHo? East Village? Nope... Alter number 2 will be directly across the street from our original location, right here in Greenpoint - Brooklyn! 

(Above: 140 Franklin Street, future home of Alter #2)

After about 6 months of  realtor/landlord/lease negotiations (no fun) we finally sealed the deal at the end of June. The space is absolutely gorgeous and we are already working hard to "alter" the interior and getting ready to fill it with fantastic merchandise. 

Just when you thought the news couldn't get any better

The new location (we will refer to as Alter 140 for now) will be women's clothing and accessories, while the original store (Alter 109) will be all Men's (we're not sure what happened to the street numbers out here, but I assure you, 140 is across from 109). We want to provide the full gamut of goods for both guys & gals and we think this is going to be the perfect solution. 

More details to follow... just wanted to let everyone know the plan so far! Stay tuned....

July 4, 2008

Happy 4th!

We will be closing the shop at 7 p.m for tonight's 4th of July festivities. 
Greenpoint is the best location to see the firework display. There are a few streets that lead you right up to the East River where you could literally see the fireworks directly above you! 
So come on down to greenpoint and do a little shopping, eating and of course drinking. 
Have a great 4th!

July 1, 2008

New: Danielle Burgos

We have added another talented Brooklyn jewelry designer into our cases. Danielle Burgos creates really witty and interesting necklaces out of some familiar and not so familiar facial features. People get very excited when we wear our moustache necklaces around town.

Left to right: **SOLD OUT**
Jaw Necklace- a replica of her mothers lower jaw ($60)
"Guy Smidley" hand carved, wooden moustache necklace- ($45)
"Wyatt Earp" hand carved, wooden moustache necklace- ($49)