June 26, 2008

New: Kanvas

Kanvas- Cotton/ Silk ruffle top dress- Beige- ($84)**SOLD OUT**

Kanvas- Double tank- Grey or Black ($58)**SOLD OUT**

June 25, 2008

New: YMYL Holster

The unisex YMYL holster holds everything your pocket wants to give up- iPod, Cash, Phone, Passport or Keys.  They are ergonomically shaped to fit flush against your side that you'll never notice that it's there- only a sound frisking could detect it.

YMYL Holster- Italian Leather- Black ($115)

June 24, 2008

New: Kanvas

Asymmetrical Striped Tank: ($45). **SOLD OUT**
Available in Neon Yellow/White (shown) or Blue/White.

Hooded Scoop-Neck Vest: ($64). **SOLD OUT**
A great summer layering piece.

Navy Blue Dress with shoulder ruffle detail: ($105) **SOLD OUT**

New: Trucker Hat

A summer cap that will keep you looking cool.

San Diego- Jersey Trucker Hat **SOLD OUT**

New: Zuriick Shoes

Zuriick- Ake- Black-($65)**SOLD OUT**

June 19, 2008

The Perfect Summer Hat, back in stock!

The "Stubby" Fedora from San Diego Hat Company is back in stock, available in Black or Camel. This hat is made of a paper/cotton blend which makes it comfortable to wear all summer and flexible enough to roll up and put in your bag or back pocket. 

Stubby Fedora- Camel or Black- ($35)

June 17, 2008

New: Zuriick Shoes

We have finally received our new Zuriick shoe called the Beata.
These shoes are made of a canvas upper with a vulcanized rubber sole
We have sizes 8-12 and the shoes are fitting true to size.
Zuriick- Beata, Charcoal w/ blue trim, ($69)**SOLD OUT**

Zuriick- Beata, Black w/ Creme trim ($69)**SOLD OUT**

Zuriick- Beata, White w/ Brown Trim ($69)**SOLD OUT**


Here is an amazing 1950's party dress with large vine of yellow roses running down the front of the skirt. The fabric is an organza and also has yellow flowers embroidered thorough out the whole dress. This dress is a real show stopper.

Vintage 50's Flower Dress- Off White- $150**SOLD OUT**

New: Hyden Yoo

Introducing the Robbie Shorts by Hyden Yoo. These are the perfect summer time shorts. They are made of 100% Cotton that have been pre-washed creating a soft feel to the fabric. They also have a nice grosgrain trim on all the pockets giving these shorts a more graphic look.

Robbie Short- Navy ($79)**SOLD OUT**

June 13, 2008

New: Hoki Sandals

Hoki plastic sandals, which you may recognize as those worn by grandpas (with socks) have been resurrected by a Tel Aviv company who bought the 50 year-old molds to save these slippers from extinction. The new modern version is created with recycled plastic and comes in a variety of fun colors.

Dror Sandal- shown in Metallic Purple- ($45)**SOLD OUT**

Also available in Green, Metallic Black and Metallic Blue**SOLD OUT**

Silver, Metallic Purple and Metallic White**SOLD OUT**

For the ladies we have:

Gila Sandal- shown in Turquoise- ($45)**SOLD OUT**

Gila Sandal- shown in Metallic Blue- ($45)**SOLD OUT**

June 12, 2008

Gift ideas for Fathers Day

This Sunday, June 14 is Father's Day. If you're looking for a gift for Dad that is one-of-a-kind,
we just received a new lot of Vintage Neckties, a classic Daddy's Day gift. 

Vintage Neckties ($24-$28)

or you could pick up a vintage shirt for him
from among our new arrivals.  ($45 )

June 11, 2008

What are You doing this weekend?

1. Come check out the SALE that is still going strong as well as new merchandise that has just rolled in here at ALTER. 

2. Then You may want to take a stroll from Greenpoint, down to the Renegade Craft Fair that is going to be held at McCarren Park Pool this weekend. It will be a grand ol' time

3. Since you're already at McCarren Park you should also check out the Farmers Market on the corner of Lorimer and Driggs for amazing produce and flowers! 

experience the magic of Brooklyn...

June 10, 2008

Spring SALE: Melissa Shoes

Melissa by Alexandre Herchcovitch- Scarfusu II**SOLD OUT**

Melissa by Alexandre Herchcovitch Scarfusu II**SOLD OUT**

SPRING SALE: TAKEL- A great Fathers Day gift!

Takel shirts could be the perfect gift at a perfect price for your Dad this Fathers Day.

Takel- Clearwater Shirt- Navy was: $75 **SOLD OUT**

Takel Sharp Shirt- Black/White was $75 **SOLD OUT**

June 5, 2008

Spring SALE: Kitchen Orange

Kitchen Orange- Pika Top - Black was: $90 **SOLD OUT**

Kitchen Orange- Sundew Dress- White was: $112**SOLD OUT**

Kitchen Orange- Ivy Dress- Grey/Gold: $90 **SOLD OUT**

Kitchen Orange- Yew Top- Lavander was: $95**SOLD OUT**

Kitchen Orange- Beachy Top- Charcoal was: $79**SOLD OUT**

Kitchen Orange- Tigris Dress- metallic was $95**SOLD OUT**

Spring Sale: Schmoove

Jamaica Corso- Navy **SOLD OUT**

Schmoove Jamaica Corso- Dark Green**SOLD OUT**


Our Spring Sale is going on now. Here is a bit of what you may find discounted through out the shop.

Most Cheap Monday Jeans are now on sale for $54 from $65
We have new styles and colors for you to choose from as well
as all the great classics by Cheap Monday.

Mens Vintage Boots are now marked down to $40 - $70
 from their original prices of $75- $125

June 3, 2008


It's true! Spring sale at Alter begins Wednesday, June 4th (tomorrow). We will have discounts of 20-40% off on almost everything in the store, including: Cheap Monday jeans, Takel shirts, Kitchen Orange Dresses, Schmoove shoes, Melissa shoes and more. 

We will be featuring sale items on the blog all week, so stay tuned.