November 11, 2008

New: Spiewak coats

A new line of winter coats available at Alter... with quite an interesting history (from
"The Spiewak company has an amazing history that starts in 1904 when Issac Spiewak, a Polish immigrant created a sheepskin vest in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. He would sell them on the streets of NY and very quickly started to become famous for his design. From a small room in Brooklyn to large production facilities the company grew tremendously. Issac's sons, all six of them, would eventually in turn join the company to carry on the brand. From vests they started to add other outerwear with military influences and soon they were outfitting American Soldiers during WW I.
In 1941 during WWII Spiewak is asked to produce over a million sheepskin flying suits, B-15 bomber jackets, Navy Peacoats and other necessary items to fit the militarys clothing needs by the US government. In 1954 Spiewak used military inspired designs to create revolutionary outerwear for the ground crew employees of American Airlines.
The significance of Spiewak in the coat business from then on has always continued to be in the forefront of innovation with the Snorkel Coat in the 1970's to Rap music in the 90's."
Fittingly enough on this Veteran's Day we received coats by this very important company who have been around for 104 years and are still turning out clothing to keep us warm and stylish.

Coller 1912 Jacket in hickory $155.00**SOLD OUT**
Military inspired with a modern twist the Coller jacket is done in a blazer style but with Thinsulate lined technology. Thinsulate is a very warm synthetic fiber that will keep you toasty.

Detail: shoulder seam, epaulet, and collar

Underneath the button front closure is a zipper for easy on and off.

Haris Duffle Tweed in charcoal $185.00**SOLD OUT**
A bomber style jacket with hood and toggle front
The Tweed fabric is tightly woven and will definitely help keep the wind out.

Detail: Toggle and zipper


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