November 24, 2008

NEW: Jewelry by Joe

Friend and fab jewelry designer, Joe Ferucci, has created an amazing collection of ten one-of-a-kind necklaces exclusively for Alter. These pieces are unique, wearable and very reasonably priced ($75.00 - $98.00). A work of art around your neck!

Diamond charms & chains: $96.00**SOLD OUT**

Dreamcatcher-esque disc & chain: $85.00**SOLD OUT**

Asymmetrical flower & chains: $85.00**SOLD OUT**

Chunky gold rope chain: $96.00**SOLD OUT**

Fleur & watchface: $75.00**SOLD OUT**

Black acrylic disc & chains: $96.00**SOLD OUT**

Mini keys, chains & tassels: $96.00**SOLD OUT**

Lock & key on long chain: $75.00**SOLD OUT**

Linked shapes breast plate: $85.00**SOLD OUT**

Multiple chains & tree of life: $96.00**SOLD OUT**

*Note* All pieces are made from copper, brass and base metal materials.

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