November 14, 2008


Initium Eyeware, from sunny California! Although we have not seen the sun in DAYS here in New York City, we recommend checking out these high quality sunglasses for brighter days ahead. Though from Cali, Initium sunglasses are all made in Italy using high quality materials and lenses.

The "Escape" metal frame with polarized lens: $230.00 **SOLD OUT**

The "Cocktail" Shades, available in gold/brown lens or black/black lens: $160.00 **SOLD OUT**

The "Laguardia" with wrap around frame, in grey: $130.00 **SOLD OUT**

The "Admirals Club" in tortoiseshell brown: $120.00 **SOLD OUT**

The "Admirals Club" in green/brown gradient: $120.00 **SOLD OUT**

The "Admirals Club" in black with polarized lens: $140.00 **SOLD OUT**

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