October 23, 2008

New warm stuff: DaNada Scarves

DaNada a knit wear designer from Washington D.C knows a lot about how to keep you warm but looking cool this winter...

(left to right)**SOLD OUT**
Zip It Scarf in black and white $69.00
This scarf has two invisible zippered pockets so you can keep your hands warm or keep your Metropass in quick reach.
Spiral Scarf in Black $65.00
A new version of a DaNada classic this scarf is made up of multiple rope like strands, some twisted some braided. It has a great drape when wrapped around the neck.
Zip It Scarf in black and green $69.00

DaNada Challah Scarf in black or grey $69.00**SOLD OUT**

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kate said...


Just wanted to let you know that your blog and emails are what keep me comin' back for more...not to mention AWESOME stuffs at the stores and some kindhearted shopkids. thank you for all the good taste and good feelings you promote.

xxxxes, kate