October 3, 2008

New: Kitchen Orange

Kitchen Orange never settles on making boring clothes. They have a knack for incorporating draping and tailoring in all of their pieces. If you like clothes with a strong design aesthetic then you are going to love this seasons collection.

Handcuff Jacket in french terry jersey: Black $215.00 **SOLD OUT**
This jacket has a strong military influence and just like the military there are many secrets and hidden details. You can wear this piece a few different ways... above it is shown in its original form; a skirted bottom which has side pockets (bonus), a high waisted belt, epaulets and twisted wrist belts -Maybe that is where the handcuff title came from?

Here is the other way you can wear this jacket just by unzipping the lower half leaving you with a cropped jacket. We have also styled this piece by unzipping the lower portion only half way it half way which will give you an interesting drape and cutaway look.

Blast Sweater in French Terry- Navy $124.00**SOLD OUT**
Here is a prime example of Kitchen Orange using draping and tailoring.
A fitted waistline mixed with a more dramatic upper then back into a fitted sleeve.
You also have an over sized hood to keep you cozy.

Cheaters Hoodie in french terry jersey- Wine $135.00**SOLD OUT**
The fitted sleeve into a bit puffy shoulder is somewhat of staple for K.O. Another staple is the bubble shape which this hoodie has. Rock it with leggings and you got a sweater dress or pair it up with jeans and you got a top.

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