March 31, 2007

process of RXMANCE

The boys of RXMANCE creating...

Two shirts just in.. images of other styles tomorrow.

Rxmance womens t-shirt ($58)

Rxmance mens t-shirt ($58)**SOLD OUT**

March 28, 2007

more Cheap Monday and SPRING arrivals

Their just flying off the shelves! Luckily for you we are re-stocking them as we speak. Come and get them while they last!

Also, we have beautiful womens spring dresses and tops that have just arrived. Photos up soon

March 22, 2007

Dress Up.

"Alter Boy Head Wound" & "Alter Boy Hair Cut" Necklaces (all sterling silver) by Fetty of Brooklyn ($55.00 each) **SOLD OUT**

Eagle Head Necklace (oxidized sterling silver) by Fetty of Brooklyn ($45.00) Subtle patriotic fashion is the look!

Blue & White Gingham Wrap Dress by This Old Thing? ($98.00) Wear it to a picnic, or on the red carpet...**SOLD OUT**

White Crocheted Sweater Dress by This Old Thing? ($88.00) **SOLD OUT**

Pirate Style Multi-Colored Striped Dress by This Old Thing? ($120.00)**SOLD OUT** The sleeves are amazing and puffy when it's on...

Womens Cropped Blazer by This Old Thing? (58.00) The last edition of 4 blazers like this one sold out in a week! **SOLD OUT**

SALE! SALE! SALE! All Winter items (hats, gloves, some bags, t-shirts, etc..) are now on sale up to 30% ofF! Come check it out.

March 19, 2007

New Looks...

Cropped Blazer by This Old Thing? ($48.00)**SOLD OUT**

Nok-Nok Jumper/Skirt SOLD! to Jana... look how amazing she looks in this get-up. You can't see the shoes very well, but I assure you they are something Liza Manelli would wear- a "Jazzy-Witch" kind of look. Jana bought them as well.

The Alter sign after the snowstorm.

March 16, 2007

Rock & Roll...

Today we received this gorgeous photograph of singer/songwriter Elizabeth Harper in a This Old Thing? dress which she bought at Alter last week. The knife & tights really pull the look together flawlessly. We love it!
Keep reading to see some other favorite This Old Thing? rock & roll moments...

Next is Kyp Malone (TV on The Radio)
wearing a This Old Thing? t-shirt at a show in Brooklyn last summer (2006). He told me that this t-shirt disappeared immediately after the show. I would love to know who ran off with it! Thats pretty awesome.

and last but not least, we have Justin "Precious" Tranter (Semi Precious Weapons) wearing some custom-made "garage glam" looks on stage... rock & roll never looked so beautiful!


ALTER was featured in the Shop Hopper column of the NY METRO Newspaper today.For those of you who missed it you can see here...thanks to the lovely Catherine New for writing us up.

March 12, 2007

Cool Hunting is an amazing web site dedicated to art, design, culture and technology. In addition to their editorial on ALTER they are now featuring an item a day for several days which you can purchase by phone order. Head on over to Cool Hunting to see all of the beautiful things they have to offer.

ALTER boys.

This portrait of Roy & Tommy (owners of ALTER, designers for This Old Thing?) was taken last week by a photographer from OWN magazine, which will be featuring ALTER on their blog very soon... Stay tuned for details.

March 7, 2007

ALTER on Refinery29

Check out what the retail & fashion site has to say about Ater!

NEW Arrivals!

Master Set Necklace**SOLD OUT**
Sterling Silver Keys with Black and White Diamonds on Bit
on Sterling hoop and Chain
by This Old Thing? ( $315 )
*custom orders only

Cabinet Key Necklace**SOLD OUT**
Sterling Silver Key with White Diamond on bit
on sterling silver chain
by This Old Thing? ( $120 )
*custom orders only

XL sterling silver Weapons**SOLD OUT**
Saw, Dagger or Axe
by Fetty of Brooklyn ( $90 )

Fierce Vintage inspired Sunglasses ( $25 )**SOLD OUT**

Couture Sweatshirt
by This Old Thing? ( $72 ) **SOLD OUT**

Baby Doll Tunic-Red/Blk Plaid
by This Old Thing? ( $ 54 )**SOLD OUT**

Mix Knit Scarves
by This Old Thing? ( $38 )**SOLD OUT**

Mix Flannel Button down shirt
By This Old Thing? ( $58 )**SOLD OUT**

Mix Flannel Button down shirt
by This Old Thing? ( $58 )**SOLD OUT**

March 2, 2007


Cheap Monday's hottest jeans, The Tight Fit, has been
restocked today at ALTER
These jeans are Unisex and run from a 25" waist to a 34" waist
Three great colors and fabrics to choose from
Limited stock available so first come first serve!

Stone Grey**SOLD OUT**

Raw Indigo**SOLD OUT**

Over Dyed Black**SOLD OUT**

March 1, 2007

This just in!

Pleated Ties
by This Old Thing? ( $28 ) **SOLD OUT**

Tie Trio
by This Old Thing? ( $48 ) **SOLD OUT**
Can be worn as scarf or knotted as a tie

Modified Waistcoat
by This Old Thing? ( $34 ) **SOLD OUT**

Baby Doll Tunic 1930's Fabric
by This Old Thing? ( $64 )**SOLD OUT**

Baby Doll Tunic- Harley Print
by This Old Thing? ( $42 )**SOLD OUT**

Asymetric hem, wool/ cashmere dress
by This Old Thing? ( $120 )**SOLD OUT**

Plaid dress
by This Old Thing? ( $120 ) **SOLD OUT**