December 19, 2007

Vintage for the Boys

We just got in some gorgeous vintage pieces for all you fashion forward guys.

Vintage Fedora in Grey/Black- Size Small ($85)**SOLD OUT**

Vintage Fedora in Brown- Size Small ($85)**SOLD OUT**

Vintage Fedora in Grey/Green-Size Small ($85)**SOLD OUT**

Vintage Leather Belts- Various Sizes and Colors ($45-65)**SOLD OUT**

Vintage Hand Knit Sweater Vest
with pockets and shall collar-Brown/Tan ($98)**SOLD OUT**

PreLoved, Colin Shirt-Reconstructed Flannels ($120)**SOLD OUT**

Hand knit Icelandic Cardigan with Silver Buttons
made in Iceland**SOLD OUT**

Oscar de la Renta Tuxedo Jakcet
with double color and one button- Size 36-38 Grey ($165)**SOLD OUT**
Who wouldn't want to be rocking this amazing jacket
on New Years Eve!

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