October 10, 2007


The latest installment of THE lOOK has been styled with Fall in mind...the weather is starting to break from hot and humid to cooler more Fall weather, FINALLY. Accessorising makes an outfit and we love mixing prints and casual with dressy. These looks work for day/night/work/play or just strolling along Franklin St. Whenever you wear them your sure to make traffic come to a hault!

For the ALTER GIRLS military inspired, layering, metallics and purple is super hot for FALL!

C.Luce Ruffle Trench shown in olive. Avail. in Black or White too.
*converts into a long jacket as well! ($109)
Cheap Monday-Tight Fit-Italian Unwash ($65)
Plaid Circle Bag ($58)
Spitfire Sunglasses ($38)
Vintage Boots ($125)

Silver Trench Coat ($99)
Kitchen Orange merino wool cardigan ($100)
Purple gathered top ($58)
Purple Plaid Bag ($65)
Purple Patent Pumps ($45)

Renee C. Gold Dress ($105)
Renee C. Black w/ gold fleck Turtleneck ($38)
*the perfect layer under any dress
Peter Grimm Fedora ($38)

For the ALter Boys, its all about Cardigans, stripes and mixing plaids to look sharp on your ladies arm!

Cheap Monday Stripe Velour Cardi in black ($65)
*Available in Navy
Black Skinny Tie ($28)
Vintage Button-down shirt ($39)
Cheap Monday-Regular Fit ($65)
Peter Grimm Bugsby Wool Hat ($38)
Vintage Boots ($75)

This Old Thing? Greenpoint Tee ($30)
Kill City Western Shirt ($58)
This Old Thing? Reconstructed Sleeveless Plaid Vest ($78)
Cheap Monday Tight Fit 45Min wash ($65)
Schmoove-Union Punch Desert Black ($138)

M.F. Clothing- Stripe Baseball 3/4 sleeve Tee ($34)
This Old Thing? Reconstructed Vest ($45)
Cheap Monday Tight Fit O.D.Black ($65)
SChmove Jamaica Derby- Optic ($138)

NY MAGAZINE.COM's Shop-A-matic is back and is offering everyone a great guide to find the perfect pair of shoes. Two of ALTER's stocked Schmoove Shoes made the cut. Check them out here out and all the other fab shoes.

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