September 2, 2007

Labor of Love

Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone,
It's the end of the summer, kind of, and Labor Day is upon us. We here at ALTER have been laboring ourselves with the expansion of the shop and new items that we have designed. Take a look at what we have in store for you.

New Window Display

New Liquor Tag necklaces by This Old Thing? ($120.00)**SOLD OUT** These are replica's of early 1900's Liquor Tags that would adorn the corresponding bottle but now you can where one around your neck! All made in Sterling Silver, What kind of booze are you?
Limited edition on these beautiful unisex necklaces.

Gin Necklace by This Old Thing? ($120)**SOLD OUT**

Scotch Neclace by This Old Thing? ($120)**SOLD OUT**

Bourbon Necklace by This Old Thing? ($120)**SOLD OUT**

Alter is also proud to introduce our logo, an upside down hanger, as a sterling silver necklace! how cute is this!
Hanger necklace by This Old Thing? ($75)

last but not least, the Small Key Necklace by This Old Thing? ($85)**SOLD OUT**
a sterling silver replica of an antique key on a ball and chain necklace

We have also just returned home from Las Vegas where we attended many trade shows in search of amazing brands to offer to you all. We have some gorgeous things coming in the shop very soon and will be keeping you updated when they arrive...we are very excited about all of our offerings and we are sure you will be too.

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