July 28, 2007

Still warm out!

So its obviously still summer time, and our fall collection deliveries are running a bit late so that means lucky for you our SERIOUS SUMMER SALE is still going on. why not, eh? there are new items added to the sale as well as new items (not on sale) from our house line This Old Thing? adorning the womens and mens racks! come on down and check it out before we reconstruct the store into its fall look!

new T-shirt collection by TROUBLE INDUSTRIES

Men's Tee**SOLD OUT**

Women's Tee**SOLD OUT**

beautiful and fun graphics by TROUBLE have been added to the shop! bold and fun is what we call these tee's. Also,of course we couldn't resist from picking up a few of these tee's for the kids! one-piece and tees for baby and kids, yes ALTER has gone ga-ga and so will you when you get a hold of these miniature funky tops for your little one. limited edition and sizing available for the trouble line which is based out of lovely Philadelpia.

Kids Tee**SOLD OUT**

Kids Tee**SOLD OUT**

Baby one piece.**SOLD OUT**

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