February 8, 2012

New: Juniper Ridge from California

 Alter Men's store (and Graham Ave store) are smelling really good these days, thanks to the addition of the new product line from California based company Juniper Ridge. Their products are "wildcrafted" from fresh cut plants, trees and flowers from the mountains and deserts of the west, such as: sage, bay laurel, ginger and Douglas fir. These scents are fresh, clean, masculine and all non-toxic.
10% of all profits are donated back to wildlife preservation.

 Juniper Ridge 2oz Room Sprays. Available in Red Rock Canyon, Big Sur and Steep Ravine scents.
"Not a clingy room spray, but an aromatic snapshot of the wild places themselves"

 The highlight of the Juniper Ridge product line is their organic soaps!
RED ROCK CANYON: Desert campground, gin & tonic, adobe.
BIG SUR: Wild ginger, burnt honey, salt, damp ground.
SIERRA SUMMER PINE: Tree sap, wood stove, mountain cabin.
STEEP RAVINE: Redwood, bay leaf, oak moss, sea mist.

We also have two flavors of tea from Juniper Ridge. These are super flavorful, light, herbal teas. Available in White Sage & Wild Mint and Douglas Fir Spring Tip.

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