January 30, 2012

Introducing: The Darling Essentials

Alter Brooklyn presents THE DARLING ESSENTIALS: a collection of necessary accessories curated by Darian Darling, available exclusively ONLINE at shop.alterbrooklyn.com.

This "cheap & chic" collection consists of jewelry inspired by dark glamour, nightlife and glitz, as well as Darling-esqe staple wardrobe items such as the Champagne Shadow sheer gloves, the Darling Beret and the Cabaret Diamond Tie.

To learn more about Darian Darling check out her blog: A Guide To Life for Modern Blondes.
For all the latest in nightlife, low-life and tales of excessive champagne consumption, follow her twitter @dariandarling.


Photographs by Tommy Cole for Alter
Brooklyn, NY

January 2012

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