August 25, 2010

Re-Stock: YMYL Holsters

Last call for the coveted YMYL holsters here at Alter!

FREE SHIPPING on this item!
Call 718-349-0203 to order.

The company that makes them is discontinuing production and we just received our final order. This unisex holster was designed to carry your iPod hands free, but can also be used to carry a phone, wallet, small camera, etc. A truly unique and functional accessory.

YMYL Holster, Black Leather $115.00

YMYL Holster, Brown Leather (w/ white stitching) $115.00
**the brown leather appears darker in the photo, true color is a rich brown**

Holster comes in two sizes: One and Two, but both are adjustable.

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Adrian Y said...

I don't suppose its free international shipping as well? (hong kong)