October 7, 2009

New: Spiewak Winter Coats for Men

Spiewak coats for Men, now in store!

Spiewak Chernoff Coat, Hickory $158.00*Sold Out*
Tailored blazer style jacket with full Thinsulate lining can be buttoned up or zipped up. Thinsulate is 1 1/2 times warmer than down without the bulkiness, and is soft and breathable so you remain comfortable.The military influenced design of this coat is modernized with a very soft moleskin cotton.

Spiewak Chernoff Coat, collar & lining detail.

Spiewak Chernoff Coat, button & pocket detail.

Spiewak Chernoff Coat, back view.

Spiewak Harris Duffle Jacket, Charcoal *Sold Out*
Wool jacket with attached hood, Thinsulate lining, Toggle and zipper closure. (Harris Duffle will be coming in Black next week!)

Spiewak Harris Duffle Jacket, collar & hood detail.

Spiewak Harris Duffle Jacket, toggle & waistband detail.

Spiewak Harris Duffle Jacket, back view.

Spiewak Harris Duffle Jacket, Black $190.00 *Sold Out*

Spiewak Harris Duffle Jacket, front detail.


Barclay said...

loving this line for men!

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