September 5, 2009

Re-Stock: Handmade Leather Belts

These belts have become a staple at Alter over the last two years- they look great, wear in very well and you can't beat the price at $35.00 each!

These are UNISEX belts, available in sizes: Small (fits 28/30 waist), Medium (fits 30/32 waist), Large (fits 33/34 waist) and XL (fits 36 waist).

Brown Leather Belt $35.00

Black Leather Belt $35.00

Blue Leather Belt $35.00

Red Leather Belt $35.00

Green Leather Belt $35.00

1 comment:

innanyc said...

Leather belts are very comfortable and many people prefer that.The belts are handmade and provide good support.The collections bring out the inner secrets of the heart.