September 1, 2009

New: The Smooth Company

"Born in the sand and saltwater, TSC effortlessly blends modern style and wearable ease. We are inspired by love for a lifestyle that spans from the most private of beaches to the busiest of cities around the globe. The line radiates a subtle casual air in every situation, while maintaining a strong tie to our roots in the ocean sides of Southern California."-

Smooth Company Reed Bomber, Smoke $148.00 *Sold Out*
A cotton bomber with banded waist, cuff and collar. Really nice weight that can be worn well into the fall. Super soft cotton exterior and lining. Really nice fit.

Collar detail

Sleeve and pocket details.

Smooth Company Jag SS Shirt, Sandstone $80.00 *Sold Out*
A great cotton shirt with a 3/4 sleeve and two front pockets.
If you're constantly rolling up your sleeves, you need this shirt. It has baseball tee length sleeves that look great as is, or easily rolled up and tabbed back.

View with the sleeves rolled up.

Collar and pocket detail.

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Good Girls Studio said...

If I had a boyfriend right now I would totally make him wear these :)