September 23, 2009

New: Nortwick, Matt & Nat

tout nouveau: The Nortwick Border Jacket in charcoal tweed ($155.00),
Nortwick Cam Sweater in grey ($69.00) and the new Matt & Nat BRMC Mens messenger bag ($195.00) work quite well together...

Nortwick Border Jacket, Tweed $155.00 *Sold Out*
This beautifully tailored tweed herringbone jacket is very lightweight.
The perfect fall jacket.

Nortwick Cam Sweater, Grey $69.00 *Sold Out*
A basic henley design is jazzed up with an interesting cuff and hem detail.
Also available in black

Nortwick Cam Sweater, knit cut out detail.

Matt & Nat BRMC Messenger Bag, Grey $195.00 *Sold Out*
This multi zippered pocket day bag will hold everything you need.
The "Felt" fabric is innovatively made with recycled plastic bottles as is the lining.

Matt & Nat BRMC Messenger Bag, hardware detail.

Matt & Nat BRMC Messenger Bag, fits a laptop and more.

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