September 17, 2009

New: Cheap Monday Suits for Men

They're baaaack! This week we received the highly anticipated Cheap Monday Suits for Men. This season they offer the Black Studio Jacket along with the matching Black Mod Pant, making this one of the best slim cut suits under $300.00. The jacket is very slim in the upper arm, but a great fit all around. Jacket and pant (sold separately) available in sizes XS through XL (see end of post for size guide!).

Cheap Monday Studio Jacket, Black $175.00 *Sold Out*

Cheap Monday Studio Jacket, collar detail.

Cheap Monday Studio Jacket, inside pocket detail.

Cheap Monday Studio Jacket, back view.

Cheap Monday Mod Pant, Black $95.00 *Sold Out*

Cheap Monday Mod Pant, waistband detail.

Cheap Monday Mod Pant, back pocket view.

Cheap Monday Mod Pant, full back view.


:: smo :: said...

hope you have lots of extra smalls this time!

Mike P. said...

Can you buy these anywhere online?

C.J. said...

Are these black or charcoal grey? The pictures look more charcoal.

Alter said...

The suit is black. The fabric has a slight sheen to it. Very classic suit that will never go out of style.

nghiem said...

I really want to get one of these in XS. Any idea of when restocks will happen?