August 20, 2009

New: Cheap Monday Fall 2009 for Men, PART II

Lots of new Cheap Monday in this week! Let's take a look, shall we?

Cheap Monday Paul Shirt, Red Check $75.00. *Sold Out*
This is a great fitting shirt with a nice quality fabric. The Paul Shirt is also available at Alter in a Green/Brown check. .

Cheap Monday Paul Shirt, collar detail.

Cheap Monday Paul Shirt, back view.

Cheap Monday Basic Shirt, Black $65.00
This is the best basic black shirt we've ever had! They sold out last spring in about 2 weeks. We have 20 pieces this season. Available in sizes: L only!

Cheap Monday Basic Shirt, collar detail.

Cheap Monday Basic Shirt, cuff detail.

Cheap Monday Autobahn Fit for guys, "Unwash" Raw Denim $65.00. *Sold Out*
These are a great straight (not tight) leg fit from Cheap Monday, and denim is a great weight. They'll be the jeans you don't take off for weeks. Available in sizes: 30-33 waist.

Cheap Monday Autobahn Fit, fly detail.

Cheap Monday Autobahn Fit, pocket and label detail.

Cheap Monday Autobahn Fit, back view.


Unknown said...

if you could explain the whole Paper Label thing on these jeans, that would be great. how do you go about washing these, when they have paper sewed to them?
i'm talking about in the real world here, not the hipster "i don't wash shit, because i'm too cool for that" world.

replica handbags said...

Hey dude are you sure that's really a paper?

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