June 4, 2009

New: Teashades

Most popular in the early 1960's among rockers like John Lennon, Jerry Garcia and Ozzy Osbourne, Teashades are making a comeback this season. A fun, psychedelic accessory to incorporate into the summer wardrobe. Quantities are limited, all styles $28.00 at Alter.

Silver frame with mirrored lenses: $28.00

Black frame with black tinted lenses: $28.00

The perfectly round lenses measure just over 1.5 inches across.

Brown frame with amber lens: $28.00


replica handbags said...

The shades are great. It;s like vash the stampede's shades! If anyone can remember or knows the anime?

Enzo said...

yeah,it's so cool..BANG!

Enzo said...

yeah..it's so cool..bang!