May 14, 2009

New: Rojas

An elegant twist on menswear inspired garments for ladies.

Rojas, Crop Tail shirt in white $74.00 Out of Stock!
A hybrid button down shirt with a tuxedo like vibe. The front hemline of the shirt is cropped while the back hangs lower.

The lovely pearl buttons are an elegant touch Out of Stock!

Cuff detail Out of Stock!

Rojas, Shirt Dress in black $109.00 Out of Stock!
A nicely tailored shirt dress in a cotton voile fabric.

neckline detail Out of Stock!

Back detail Out of Stock!

Rojas, Gemssi Tank in black $56.00 Out of Stock!
This is a very unique tank/vest made out of sheer polka dot material.
When on the body the volume of this cropped tank cascades around the torso beautifully.

Fabric detail Out of Stock!

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