April 4, 2009

New: Lulu Grace Jewelry

Lulu Grace is a New York based jewelry designer who has created some one-off pieces to adorn your collar bone. Her base metal necklaces are all hand crafted and meticulously assembled into unique statement pieces. Common materials found in her work are chain, fringe and beads.

Lulu Grace: Metal Fringe Necklace- $70.00

Rows and rows of chain brings a resemblance of old world armor.

Lulu Grace: Multi chain necklace $70.00

A great color spectrum of different chains and layers.

Lulu Grace: Double layer fringe/chain and beaded necklace $110.00 **SOLD OUT**

This three layered chain necklace is all hand assembled and sewn. The beautiful cascade of Grey and white fringe from chunky chain mixed with beading is a staple of this young designer.

Lulu Grace: Double layer fringe necklace in black $65.00 **SOLD OUT**
You can wear all her pieces with jeans and tee's or fancy it up with a dress.

Lulu Grace: Triple layer fringe necklace in black $80.00 **SOLD OUT**
A larger piece then the previous necklace for the Drama Queen in you.


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