April 28, 2009

NEW: Happy Socks

Here at ALTER we hope that you are able to find what you are looking for to complete your wardrobe for that special day/ event or just because you deserve a new top or shoe. Now I think we can safely say that we have found the ultimate sock's to dress up your feet.
We have been on a search high and low to bring to the shop a high quality sock for men and women at an affordable price. We are very happy to say that we found them! Say hello to your soon to be favorite sock's, HAPPY SOCKS.

"All Happy Socks are high quality socks, made from 80% combed cotton, 17% polyamid and 3% elastan. Since the cotton is combed before being spun into threads, the short fibers fall out, while the stronger and comfier long fibers stay in. The cotton is then woven in Italian machines of the brand Lonati, famous for their high precision. The machines are computer controlled to ensure exact patterns, while the toe seams are sewn by hand to guarantee perfect fit. The hand linked toe seam means that there is no bulging overlap at the toe, but a perfectly smooth seam, making your socks fit like gloves."- via Happysocks.com

Most socks are available as sizes S, M, L
Women size
5-7.5 = S
8.5- 10 = M

Men size
7 - 8.5 = M
9 - 12 = L

Switch Color, Green/Red $10.00

Switch Color in Purple/Blk $10.00

Thin Stripe, Purple $10.00

Stripe Sock, Blk/Red $10.00

One color, Yellow $10.00

One color, Blue $10.00

Melange & color, Grey/ White $10.00

Stripe Sock, Multi $10.00

Melange & color, Blue/Orange $10.00

Five color sock, Multi $10.00

Four Color Socks, Blk/Magenta/Blue/Yellow $10.00

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