March 27, 2009

Cheap Monday: Clairvoyant Collection

++The sunglasses below are from S/S 2009. The NEW collection for S/S 2010 has just come in and you can see them on our front page of our blog!! They are amazing!


As of 4/30/2009 We have pretty much sold out of all styles of the Cheap Monday Sunglasses. They will not be restocked this season. We do, however, still have the "Night On Eath" style in White. Give us a call if you're interested in buying a pair.

Now available at Alter, the Clairvoyant Collection from Cheap Monday. This is Cheap Mondays first series of eye wear, ever. Quantities are very limited, and at $35.00 they'll be gone in no time. Classic shapes, UV400 protection and sturdy quality.

Night Watch, Black & Turtle $35.00 **SOLD OUT**

detail: Night Watch, Black $35.00. **SOLD OUT**

detail: Night Watch, Black & Turtle **SOLD OUT**

The Night Porter, Black or Turtle $35.00 **SOLD OUT**

detail: The Night Porter, Turtle. **SOLD OUT**

Night On Earth, Black, White and Turtle (not shown) $35.00 WHITE STILL AVAILABLE!

detail: Night On Earth, White. WHITE STILL AVAILABLE!

detail: Night On Earth, Black or White. WHITE STILL AVAILABLE!


trish said...

those cheap monday sunglasses are very cute...and cheap too!!

Raquel Medina-Cleghorn said...

love them! thank you alter for doing phone orders!!!

xoxo raquel

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Just received my babies today & I couldn't be more happier! I highly recommend the Night Watch style their perfect size and super chic.
ALTER also throws in a cute button with your purchase.. cant go wrong with that.

xoxoxo ALTER

D&G Sunglasses said...

Nice, cheap but adorable sunglasses.. Very fashionable, I'll go for it.

Anonymous said...

hey! do you have those cheap monday shades? those from picture 1? it's urgent!! thank you!(: God Bless!(:

Anonymous said...

hey! do you still have the cheap monday shades from picture 1? it's urgent! willing to pay higher for it! thanks! God Bless!(:

Leandro GH said...

Hi !

I'm interested in that glases "night on earth" in black.

The problem is that i live in Barcelona (Spain). My friend has that glases, and i broke it by mistake :( and i want to give her as a gift !

Thanks in advance !

Mark said...

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