May 15, 2008

Dahl & Dane Jewelry at Alter

In addition to our new collection from Dahl By Alison Kelly, we are excited to carry Dahl & Dane, a jewelry collaboration by Alison Kelly and Dane Risch (of Salt & Samovar).**SOLD OUT**

Above: Skeleton Key- Key Rings ($28.00/each). Many sizes available! Jazz up your keychain with one of these beauties. **SOLD OUT**

Above: Sterling Silver SKOL Earring ($124.00/each)**SOLD OUT**. These hand-casted sterling silver mini skulls were originally hand-carved from Yaks' teeth! They are perfectly dainty and evil. Each earring is sold separately, we suggest rocking a single SKOL earring for maximum drama.

Above: SKOL Straight Pin ($124.00)**SOLD OUT**. These are great for guys and girls. Wear them on a hat, scarf, tie, jacket or even a button down shirt.
History Lesson: "Skol is a Danish/Norwegian/Swedish word for a salute or a toast to an admired person or group. There is a popular legend that the toast comes from the mythical habit of Vikings drinking from cups made from the skulls of their defeated enemies".

The Skol Straight Pin from Dahl & Dane looks quite handsome with a Kill City western shirt!

Dane and Alison at the Dahl by Alison Kelly party at Alter last week.

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