May 30, 2008

New: Jewelry by Erin Considine

Local jewelry designer Erin Considine incorporates elements of nature and found objects in her work. The intricate castings and textures of the metals make this jewelry unique and fun to wear. Here is a preview of our first collection from Erin...

Sterling Silver Crushed Bottle Cap Necklace on extra long chain. $180.00**SOLD OUT**

Left: Sterling Silver Twig Necklace. $150.00**SOLD OUT**
Right: Sterling Silver Twig Ring Necklace $100.00**SOLD OUT**

Hammered Steel Hoop Earrings. $80.00**SOLD OUT**

Above: A selection of Sterling Silver Earrings. $60.00 - $100.00**SOLD OUT**

May 29, 2008

Vintage Ties

We currently have a great selection of Vintage Neckties ranging from stripes to solids and even plaids. Each tie is one-of-a-kind. 

Various Vintage Ties -All ($24)

New: Mens Belts

These U.S. made leather belts are hand dyed and also feature a
removable belt buckle so you can interchange the look of the belt
with another buckle if you so choose. We have sizes from 30 -36.

Brown ($35)
Kelly Green ($35)
Nantucket Red ($35)

New: This Old Thing?

Here are the newest additions to hit the racks
from our house label, This Old Thing?
Each dress is one-of-a-kind.

This Old Thing? Maxi Print Dress **SOLD OUT**

This Old Thing?- Double layered Onesie ($65)**SOLD OUT**

This Old Thing?- Bandanna Sundress with belt ($85)**SOLD OUT**

This Old Thing?- Wheat Print Dress ($85)**SOLD OUT**

May 27, 2008

In the window!

The current window installation showcases some great outfits for the start of summer.

from left to right: **SOLD OUT**
TCEC Cinch top/dress ($68), Fetty XL tooth Necklace ($25),
MF Tank ($18), Brackney Belt- Brown leather ($35),Takel- Dayton Shorts ($65)
Kanvas- double layer tunic- blush ($75), XL studded belt (was $55, now $38) and Fetty XL gun necklace ($25),
Paul Frank-Holman Cardi- Yellow ($54), Takel- Sharp Shirt ($75), Vintage Tie ($38), and Hyden Yoo- Jude Shorts ($66),

May 23, 2008

The Looks pt. 6 - for the ladies

Hey ladies, need a new outfit for this weekend? Going to a Memorial Day BBQ, a show maybe? Here are a few looks to make your decision making a lot easier

TCEC- Pleated top/dress with side cinch- Grey ($68)
Laurent- Leather clutch/shoulder bag- Grey ($90)
Poetic License- Beverly Hills Wedge- Grey ($109)

Renee C. - Knit Shawl- Blk ($48)
C. Luce- Halter dress w/ asymetric tiered hem- White ($98)
Vintage Pumps- Blk ($45)

Cheap Monday- T-Shirt Tank Dress- Teal ($35)
C.Luce- Military Vest- White ($58)
Melissa by Alexander Herchcovitch - Grey ($86)
Patent Vinyl Hat- White ($15)

Paste Tee's S/S 2008

Designer Jason Laurits' label called PASTE is a T- shirt line based out of Brooklyn, NY. Paste associates itself not only with indie fashion, but with art, culture and humor. Laurits uses both silkscreens and foils on enzyme-washed tees that have the perfect vintage cut and feel.

The Knife Tee- Green or Mauve ($42)**SOLD OUT**
This tee uses the idea of a Swiss Army Knife image but instead of knives and a toothpick coming out of it you have the iconic images of New York City, yes pigeons are very NY.

The Mini Tee T-shirt - Green or Grey ($42)**SOLD OUT**

The Legs Tee- Grey or Teal ($42)**SOLD OUT**

May 22, 2008

New Vintage

We have just received a good amount of Vintage Western shirts for men ranging in many different styles, colors and sizes. Below are just a few examples of what we have. All westerns are priced at $45. 

May 21, 2008

New: Brown Sound

Here are a few new items by Californian based menswear label, Brown Sound.

Brown Sound- Treeline button down shirt-Grey ($68)**SOLD OUT**

Treeline- Detail**SOLD OUT**

Brown Sound- Botchers Gap Hooded Sweatshirt
Grey and Navy Stripe ($90) **SOLD OUT**

Botchers Gap Hooded Sweatshirt- Detail**SOLD OUT**
This sweatshirt has these great toggles for its closure. But if your feeling lazy about
toggling you also have a full zipper option underneath.

May 20, 2008

NEW: Poetic License Shoes

Brand new Poetic License shoes have just arrived. Dress up your feet for the summer.

Rita Peep Toe- Mauve, Gold and Black ($89)**SOLD OUT**

Lifestyle Slingback with bow- Black and Gold ($85)**SOLD OUT**

Before it was Alter

Our neighbor Dan sent us this photograph of our building from around 1940. Between 1939 and 1941, the city photographed every house and building in the five Boroughs. Go to the web site to learn more.

Above: 107/109 Franklin Street circa 1940. The space on the right (with the baby carriage parked outside) is now Alter.

Above: 107/109 Franklin Street in 2008. How times have changed...

May 16, 2008

GEN ART Styles 2008 Fashion Awards

We at ALTER are pleased to find out that two designers, that we stock in the shop this season, are up for awards at this years Gen Art Styles 2008 International Runway and Award Show.

Hyden Yoo is nominated for the Botox Design Vision Award for Menswear and
Dahl by Alison Kelly is nominated for the Tone Fashion Vision Award for Design
We will be there cheering them on!

May 15, 2008

Dahl & Dane Jewelry at Alter

In addition to our new collection from Dahl By Alison Kelly, we are excited to carry Dahl & Dane, a jewelry collaboration by Alison Kelly and Dane Risch (of Salt & Samovar).**SOLD OUT**

Above: Skeleton Key- Key Rings ($28.00/each). Many sizes available! Jazz up your keychain with one of these beauties. **SOLD OUT**

Above: Sterling Silver SKOL Earring ($124.00/each)**SOLD OUT**. These hand-casted sterling silver mini skulls were originally hand-carved from Yaks' teeth! They are perfectly dainty and evil. Each earring is sold separately, we suggest rocking a single SKOL earring for maximum drama.

Above: SKOL Straight Pin ($124.00)**SOLD OUT**. These are great for guys and girls. Wear them on a hat, scarf, tie, jacket or even a button down shirt.
History Lesson: "Skol is a Danish/Norwegian/Swedish word for a salute or a toast to an admired person or group. There is a popular legend that the toast comes from the mythical habit of Vikings drinking from cups made from the skulls of their defeated enemies".

The Skol Straight Pin from Dahl & Dane looks quite handsome with a Kill City western shirt!

Dane and Alison at the Dahl by Alison Kelly party at Alter last week.

May 13, 2008

What a DAHL!

Here is a closer look at a few pieces from the Dahl by Alison Kelly collection.**SOLD OUT**

Bisou Top w/ Crochet-pink/grey ($68)**SOLD OUT**

Jersey Dress w/ crochet- Beige, Black ($140)**SOLD OUT**

Poppy Top- pink,black and white ($68)**SOLD OUT**

Onesie- bandeau and short combo/one piece- black/ beige ($108)**SOLD OUT**
Jersey with beaded detail

Jersey Dress w/ crochet and pleated straps- black ($155)**SOLD OUT**

May 11, 2008

John Fluevog visits Alter

Legendary shoe designer (and friend) John Fluevog stopped by Alter this week to check out the shop. If you are not familiar with Fluevog Shoes you must check out the web site, his work is brilliant! Here is John wearing his purchase, the Fishnets T-shirt by PASTE ($42.00).

Above, the Alter staff pauses for a photo! Emily, Tommy and Roy.

May 10, 2008

US Rags for men

US Rags hailing from Los Angeles creates clothing from dead-stock vintage fabric. These tanks are very cool and come in different fabrications from 70's terry cloth to super soft old jersey.
The images below are of a few different styles available. We have many more colors and fabrics to choose from in the shop.

US Rags multi color stripe tank ($18)**SOLD OUT**

Us Rags Suzuki Tank- Green ($18)**SOLD OUT**

Us Rags Suzuki tank- off white ($18)**SOLD OUT**

US Rags Argyle Tank- Black/Grey ($18)**SOLD OUT**

May 8, 2008

Dahl by Alison Kelly for Alter: Launch Party Tonight!

**RAiN or SHiNE!**
 Dahl by Alison Kelly Launch party tonight at Alter from 7 - 10 PM.
Check out our new window in honor of the event!